Window Treatment Basics

As the Sacramento area’s source for window treatments, The Blind Guy can help answer all your window treatment questions. We’ve listed a few of the most common ones below.

What are “Window Treatments”?

It’s pretty straightforward – window treatments cover the inside of your windows. The terms window treatments, window coverings, window fashions, and window dressings mean basically the same thing. Sometimes, window coverings can also refer to exterior coverings such as exterior shutters and awnings, but for the most part you can use all these terms interchangeably.

Window Treatment Basics

What Types of Window Treatments are There?

Blinds, shutters, shades, sheers, and shadings — what’s the difference? All are window treatments with different style and functionality options. Custom drapery and curtains are also types of window treatments. To determine what window treatment type will work for you, schedule an in-home consultation with The Blind Guy.

How do Window Treatments Control Light and Privacy?

Controlling light and privacy are the main functions of any window treatment. Each window treatment option controls light differently, and also impacts the privacy you need in a room. For example, blinds offer flexibility in the amount of light blocked and the privacy offered by simply opening and closing the slats. This operation is simple and reliable but tends to offer only light or privacy, not both at the same time. Honeycomb shades, on the other hand, offer privacy while allowing light in.

Which Window Treatments Go Best with My Home Decor?

How your window treatments function is important, but so is how they look. The right window treatments not only complement your decor, but can even be a visual focus or key component of a room. You may have an eye for interior design and know exactly what you’re looking for. Or, you may need some help choosing the type, style, color, and material of your window treatments.

Window Treatments in Sacramento

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