Valancing Act

Valancing Act

Emphasis on Custom Valances

If you’ve studied your room for weeks and it still comes up a “no-show” on the perfect   architectural feature to create optimal design emphasis, take joy.  It’s a small problem that can be solved with a relatively small design feature – Valances.

Emphasis in Interior Design

The design principal called, emphasis is what will give your room that special something that immediately catches the eye. It’s an element that stands out by expressing dominance. So a good rule of thumb is, make it striking.

Valancing ActCheck your space again.  If you’re noticing that nothing currently stands out it’s possible that you’ve gone into design overkill and made everything stand out equally.  Everything having equal emphasis creates two outcomes.  It will cause the room to be boring, or on the other side of the spectrum appear far too busy.  Valances (also known as, top treatments) can create that visual focal pop you’re looking for by using a few more design principles.

Contrast It

Valancing ActThere’s nothing that grabs the attention more than an anomaly or something that departs from the norm.  There are four easy ways for your new valances to create contrast in your room:

Shape – If your room mainly consists of straight lines go with a curvier valance.  A scalloped edging or a fabric with flowing lines in the midst of those straight lines will immediately make your room more interesting.

Color – Color contrast is created in a room by adding an additional color for example, a valance with red, in a room with lots of grays and blacks.  Any coordinated bright color will make a statement in a monochromatic room. Keep in mind If you have a room already dominated by strong patterns (in your bedding or rug) a valance in a solid color would work best for contrast.

Textures – When we speak of textures we’re generally talking about rough vs. smooth. Textures of valances range from velvets to crinkle fabrics. However, if you’re not a fan of bold texture, a small print pattern will provide style, create energy and actually read as texture from afar.

Valancing ActUnity – Unity is the result of taking the above elements – color, contrast and texture and having them all work together flawlessly.  A stunning way to create unity with your valance is to combine your top treatment with a shutter.  These two contrasting textures and materials can create a design wholeness, or unity.

Go For It!

The variety of styles of valances is equal to the choices in fabric. Heavy silk and velvet for a romantic look to cotton and a cotton blend for a contemporary one.  Our experienced Design Specialists will make the selection process easy, or they can even help you discover your unique design style. Try focusing on custom valances with unifying window treatments for your home or office.  They will definitely create that wow design emphasis you’ve been seeking!


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