Focus on Design

Untitled design (1)So, you’ve spent the better part of winter thumbing through home décor magazines, and now that it’s spring, you’ve decided to redecorate your living room.  But not just “redecorate” it, you want to give it that wow-factor, turn it into an immediate attention grabber. Your goal is to create an emphatic design statement, that shouts to the mountaintops, “Yes, I am beautiful, and yes, I will be remembered!” Okay, that’s do-able.

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Starting a Decorating Project

From Paint to Window Coverings

If you’re about to embark on decorating a new home or a room, you probably know that there are a lot of things to consider. From gathering ideas to thinking about the details of a room, it can be overwhelming. Knowing where to start and doing your homework before you start will provide you with a gratifying result. At The Blind Guy serving Sacramento, we’ll be happy to help you. Meanwhile, here are things to think about trying:

Set a Budget

Start by knowing how much you have to work with. Nothing is worse than having to stall a project because you’ve run out of money too quickly. [Read more…]

Window Treatments – Factoring for Light

Every room should have three levels of lighting: task level to work by, general illumination to fill the space (it often comes from the ceiling), and mood lighting (which usually comes from the floor up). As you look at your room, do you know how to best use the light and how to choose window treatments based on the light you have? Speak to a trained consultant at The Blind Guy serving Sacramento. We’ll be happy to help you factor for the light in your home.

Light From Bulbs

Now that most homes are equipped with LED (Light-Emitting Diode) bulbs, they are now saving money on electricity because LED bulbs are at least 75% more efficient than the traditional incandescent light bulb, which used to waste 90% of its energy as heat instead of light. However, these days, there are a lot of choices when it comes to LED bulbs, so it’s important to know how to choose and use them. [Read more…]

Which Honeycomb Shades Are Right for You?

If you’ve looked into honeycomb shades, you know that there are a lot of choices on the market. And, depending on your needs, budget, and style choices, the right one is out there for you. At The Blind Guy serving Sacramento, our trained consultants will be happy to introduce you to several options—including the popular Hunter Douglas Duette, Architella, and Applause styles. Read on to learn more about these options! [Read more…]

Duette® Architella® by Hunter Douglas

With the heat we can sometimes experience here in the Sacramento area, it’s important to ensure that our air-conditioning systems are as efficient as possible. Considering that 50% of air-conditioning is lost through the windows, having highly energy-efficient window treatments can significantly reduce air-conditioning costs. The innovative Architella line of honeycomb shades from Hunter Douglas provides a high level of energy efficiency with its honeycomb-within-a-honeycomb design, reducing energy loss up to 40% at the window. Long considered the gold standard of honeycomb shades, Architella shades offer superior craftsmanship, versatility, style, and energy efficiency. Here at The Blind Guy, our customers often make Architella shades a top choice for their window treatments. [Read more…]

Improve Energy Efficiency with Window Shades

Did you know? In the U.S. alone, the Department of Energy (DOE) reports that windows can account for 25% to 40% of your annual heating and cooling bill. Many factors contribute to energy efficiency at your windows here in the East Bay area, including the quality of your windows themselves as well as insulation, what direction they face, how much direct sunlight they receive, how they’re covered. The right energy-efficient window shades can help lower your utility bill by creating and insulating barrier between the inside and outside air.

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Skylight Shades

Skylight windows are popular in homes throughout Sacramento, but they have both pros and cons. While they let in a lot of natural light, that’s not always a good thing. Too much direct sunlight can let in too much heat, and the direct UV light can damage the interior of your home. If that’s happening with your skylights, you may be looking for a stylish shade to filter the light. [Read more…]

What Is A Honeycomb Shade?

Still one of our most popular window coverings, the honeycomb shade has come a long way since it was first developed decades ago. Now, you have many options to make your honeycomb shade work for you. When you work with The Blind Guy in Sacramento, you’ll have the best selection of honeycomb shades. Hunter Douglas has been the leader in providing the most energy efficient honeycomb shades since 1985, and offers the largest collection of honeycomb styles available on the market today. [Read more…]

Best Honeycomb Shades New and Improved

Looking for the best honeycomb shades? You’ve found them! Duette Architella honeycomb shades by Hunter Douglas have long been considered the top of the line honeycomb shades. Offering superior craftsmanship, versatility, style, and energy efficiency, Architella shades are a top choice for window treatments.  The newest innovation in the Architella line is the Duette Architella Trielle™. Architella honeycomb shades provide a high level of energy efficiency with honeycomb-within-a-honeycomb design, reducing energy loss up to 40% at the window. The new Trielle shade delivers 20% more energy efficiency than original Architella shades. [Read more…]

Honeycomb Shades from Hunter Douglas

Honeycomb shades revolutionized window coverings when they were first introduced by Hunter Douglas in 1985. Especially here in California, customers were looking for something new and different to cover their windows, and honeycomb shades were the perfect product. Offering energy efficiency, light and privacy control, and a variety of styles and colors that people had never seen before, honeycomb shades became popular very quickly, and people still love them!

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