Starting a Decorating Project

From Paint to Window Coverings

If you’re about to embark on decorating a new home or a room, you probably know that there are a lot of things to consider. From gathering ideas to thinking about the details of a room, it can be overwhelming. Knowing where to start and doing your homework before you start will provide you with a gratifying result. At The Blind Guy serving Sacramento, we’ll be happy to help you. Meanwhile, here are things to think about trying:

Set a Budget

Start by knowing how much you have to work with. Nothing is worse than having to stall a project because you’ve run out of money too quickly.

Applause® Honeycomb Shades With Punch Of Color On Wall

Applause® Honeycomb Shades With Punch Of Color On Wall

Set a Timeline

Figure out a realistic time to be done with your project. Be sure it’s realistic—you don’t want to rush yourself. You also don’t want this project to drag forever.

Measure Your Space

Find the dimensions of your room, and map them on a piece of graph paper. Use one square to equal one foot, and be sure to include where all the doors and windows are. Do the same with the furniture you’ll be using—cut it out, and you’ll be able to arrange and rearrange your pieces to see how they’ll fit in the room. Be creative and put sofas on an angle. Remember, all the furniture does not have to be against the wall, especially in rectangular rooms.

Think About the Style and Décor of the Room

Will you use color? Where will it be—on the walls or on the window? Both work equally well. Keep in mind: If your window treatments are neutral, you can change the color of paint easier and for far less money than changing the window treatments. Also remember, when the sun comes through a colored window treatment, it will also affect the colors of all objects in the room. Speaking of objects in the room, will you use accessories? Throw pillows and knick-knacks can tie a room’s theme together and help define your individual style.

Consider the Window Treatments

Think about what you need your treatments to achieve—whether it’s light control, privacy control, energy efficiency, or UV protection, there are treatments and styles out there to meet your needs. You might benefit from honeycomb shades or shutters, vertical blinds or sheers. Remember too, the addition of draperies or top treatments can soften a room and/or add a splash of color tie the room together. The possibilities are endless!

Go Shopping

Congratulations! You have determined your décor style and scope of your design project. You have set your budget and have allowed yourself enough time. All that is left is to go shopping—and be sure to contact a consultant here at the Blind Guy for all your window treatment needs in the Sacramento, CA area!