Spring Cleaning

The Why’s, the How’s & the How Lucky We Are!

spring cleaning
spring cleaningSpring is finally here. Of course, you picture yourself frolicking through meadows, picking wildflowers, and experiencing the joy of a butterfly gently landing on your nose.  That is, until reality sets in. — You have a house to clean!  Pouting while gathering up all your cleaning supplies isn’t going to help.  Neither is wondering where this annual ritual we call spring cleaning, originated from…

The History of Spring Cleaning

Before the invention of our modern HVAC systems, people kept warm all winter by shutting themselves inside their homes. They kept toasty by burning coal, oil, and wood.  By the time spring with its warmer weather came around, they would excitedly open their windows and doors, and WOW!  You can only imagine how much accumulated soot and smoke was revealed and what a big task it would be to clean all of it up. This is how Spring Cleaning came to be.

Additionally, before the washing machine was invented, people had to wash all that soot and smoke from their drapes and comforters by hand.  With spring’s warmer weather (and no invention of the dryer in the near future), these things had to be hung dry outdoors.  Feeling a little better about your spring cleaning tasks now?

spring cleaningTips and Tricks for Easy Cleaning

So, you’ve successfully managed to avoid the many dust bunnies in your house all year, but the time has come for you to face the music.  In other words, get out your mop, roll up your sleeves and get to work.  Luckily, compared to spring cleaning as it once was, our work today is a cinch. Here are some tips and tricks to make our tasks even faster and simpler.

  • Remove tarnish from silver easily with baking soda.
  • Clean lint from lampshades with a lint roller.
  • To get rid of bathtub scum, try water, vinegar, and lemon.
  • Freshen your washing machine by simply running a cycle with bleach, and then a cycle with white vinegar.
  • Put your damp sponge in the microwave for two minutes to kill germs.

And lastly…

  • Hire someone to do all of the above.

But What About Windows?!

spring cleaningAs dedicated to meeting your spring cleaning goals as you may be, it’s easy to cower in the face of dirty windows.  Although the outcome is well worth the work, the thought of how much effort it will take can cause you to put away your spray bottle, and close the drapes until next year… Until you realize just how nice your newly clean windows will look next to any of the stunning window coverings that The Blind Guy has to offer. When you trust us as your blind and shutter expert, you will not be let down by the way your window coverings look with your spotless windows. And that means you’ll be done with chores, and out enjoying the sounds of singing birds, in no time.

Hope may spring eternal, but if you’re wishing to get out of spring cleaning this year, no need to fret.  Due to living in the modern age, and making some smart purchasing choices like  beautiful window coverings to compliment your clean windows, you might even carry a renewed attitude about spring cleaning, and that will have you singing like a bird!



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