Finding the Best Window Treatments for Your Sunroom

You love your sunroom—it’s where you go to relax with a cup of coffee in the morning, it’s where you read in the evenings, it’s where you entertain your friends, it’s where you come together as a family. As one of the most important rooms in your home, it’s important that you get just the right coverings for its windows. At The Blind Guy here in Sacramento, our trained consultants will help you find what you need. [Read more…]

Starting a Decorating Project

From Paint to Window Coverings

If you’re about to embark on decorating a new home or a room, you probably know that there are a lot of things to consider. From gathering ideas to thinking about the details of a room, it can be overwhelming. Knowing where to start and doing your homework before you start will provide you with a gratifying result. At The Blind Guy serving Sacramento, we’ll be happy to help you. Meanwhile, here are things to think about trying:

Set a Budget

Start by knowing how much you have to work with. Nothing is worse than having to stall a project because you’ve run out of money too quickly. [Read more…]

Window Treatments – Factoring for Light

Every room should have three levels of lighting: task level to work by, general illumination to fill the space (it often comes from the ceiling), and mood lighting (which usually comes from the floor up). As you look at your room, do you know how to best use the light and how to choose window treatments based on the light you have? Speak to a trained consultant at The Blind Guy serving Sacramento. We’ll be happy to help you factor for the light in your home.

Light From Bulbs

Now that most homes are equipped with LED (Light-Emitting Diode) bulbs, they are now saving money on electricity because LED bulbs are at least 75% more efficient than the traditional incandescent light bulb, which used to waste 90% of its energy as heat instead of light. However, these days, there are a lot of choices when it comes to LED bulbs, so it’s important to know how to choose and use them. [Read more…]

Which Honeycomb Shades Are Right for You?

If you’ve looked into honeycomb shades, you know that there are a lot of choices on the market. And, depending on your needs, budget, and style choices, the right one is out there for you. At The Blind Guy serving Sacramento, our trained consultants will be happy to introduce you to several options—including the popular Hunter Douglas Duette, Architella, and Applause styles. Read on to learn more about these options! [Read more…]

Forecasted Colors Have Arrived for 2016

You might have seen last month’s post about the new Pantone Minion Yellow color. This month, The Blind Guy in Sacramento is pleased to talk about the 2016 Colors of the Year: Rose Quartz and Serenity. Read on to learn more, and if you’re interested in adding these colors—or any others—to your home, talk to one of our trained consultants! [Read more…]

Pantone Minion Yellow for the Home

If you haven’t heard of PANTONE Color Matching, you might be interested to learn about their approach to color. To begin, in 1963, Pantone established the first color matching system, referred to as the Pantone Matching System or simply PMS system, a tool that helps ensure consistent color selection every time. The group also works to forecast colors that they believe will be trendy in upcoming years. If you’re looking to add the forecasted color—or any other shade—to your home, work with The Blind Guy serving Sacramento. We’ll help you match the specific Pantone color you want. [Read more…]

Window Treatments & Child Safety

During Child Safety Month (October), we posted about being aware of the potential hazards of corded window treatments. But this topic is important enough, it bears repeating—especially with some additional information and resources.

As you know by now, window treatments and infants can be a terrible mix. But today, there is no reason for us to lose another child through “Infant Cord Strangulation” from hanging, dangling window treatment cords. If you have not updated your functioning window treatments, perhaps it is time. [Read more…]

Innovation in Room-Darkening Shades

Perfect for your bedroom, media room, or anywhere where you want premium control over light, Silhouette® A Deux™ Window Shadings are two shades in one. The front is a Silhouette shading, and the back is a room-darkening roller shade; both are on a single headrail. For more information, read on, or talk to a professional consultant at The Blind Guy in Sacramento.

[Read more…]

Window Treatments to Control Light

The proper window treatments can welcome the early morning sun or soften the bright midday sunlight without sacrificing your privacy and while still protecting your valuable fabrics and carpet from harmful UV rays. As your local Hunter Douglas dealer serving Sacramento, we carry a wide variety of blinds, shades, and shutters especially designed for maximum light management. Let The Blind Guy’s trained consultants help determine the right product for your light and privacy needs. [Read more…]

Move Your Shades Throughout the Day—Automatically!

At The Blind Guy in Sacramento, we’re pleased to offer our customers every convenience we can. By adding home automation, our customers enjoy convenience with the bonus layer of security it provides. That’s why we’re proud to introduce Hunter Douglas’s PowerView™ Motorization system. This great operating system is an app that lets you program your shades to move throughout the day.

PowerView™ Window Treatment Motorization System

Hunter Douglas, the leader in custom window treatments, has taken window treatments and home automation to the next level. Click here to view the video on PowerView. [Read more…]