Hardwood Blinds vs. Faux Wood Blinds

When Selecting Blinds for Your Home, How do You Make the Best Choice?

Many of our clients ask us how to select the best window treatments for their home. They are not sure if they should select shades or blinds, and if blinds are the best product, should they buy hardwood blinds, or are faux wood window blinds the best choice?

Before we help customers decide which product is right for them, we first listen to their needs to better understand their lifestyles and long-term goals. Armed with our priceless knowledge and their expectations for new window blinds, we are able to offer a solution that has the class and quality they deserve, and sell our clientele blind products they do not have to worry about replacing for many years to come.

Some clients love the look and feel of wood blinds, but have small kids and/or animals. They are concerned that real wood blinds will not be a good option. We explain that not all wood blinds are the same, and their durability depends on environment as well as many other factors.

We carry Country Woods, which are a wood blind made by Hunter Douglas. Country Wood hardwood blinds have the upscale quality and look for any house but most importantly, they have a Top Shield II Finish that makes the blinds extremely durable. Country Wood hardwood blinds are scratch resistant, fade resistant, moisture resistant and most importantly, chemical resistant.

Other benefits of purchasing Country Wood hardwood blinds are that these blinds can be cleaned with regular household cleaners if necessary. They come in an endless choice of colors and designs, come from a premium quality wood selection, have a timeless and natural beauty, are extremely durable, and have a limited lifetime Hunter Douglas warranty.

Although our hardwood blinds are durable and last a long time, there are instances when faux wood blinds are the best choice. Faux wood blinds work well for a child’s room, bathrooms and even the laundry area. Hunter Douglas window fashions come in an alternative or composite wood and are known as the Hunter Douglas Everwood collection.

The Hunter Douglas Everwood composite blind collection is beautiful and by far the most durable. These outstanding faux wood blinds are 100% washable, more resistant to yellowing than real wood blinds and do not fade from sun and heat. In addition, Hunter Douglas uses wider tape spacing for a clearer view between blind slats – a unique proprietary slat construction. Everwood composite blinds come in a Trugrain finish and look just like solid wood. We can honestly tell our clients that there is truly no comparison in the market for this type of alternative wood blind. Its quality and weight is unbeatable and its PVC-free slats are made with products that hold up better than the average faux wood blind.

Hunter Douglas County Wood and Everwood blinds come with wood cornices at the top and are all matched to the faux wood or wood blinds to create a beautiful, durable window covering solution. All of our clients have the option of purchasing two different Hunter Douglas products for two different environments, knowing that they will receive a lifetime warranty.

The Blind Guy in Sacramento has both Country Wood hardwood blinds and Everwood composite blinds in many styles and designs. Give us a call to see our choices of blinds during a complimentary in-home window treatment consultation today!