Focus on Design

Untitled design (1)So, you’ve spent the better part of winter thumbing through home décor magazines, and now that it’s spring, you’ve decided to redecorate your living room.  But not just “redecorate” it, you want to give it that wow-factor, turn it into an immediate attention grabber. Your goal is to create an emphatic design statement, that shouts to the mountaintops, “Yes, I am beautiful, and yes, I will be remembered!” Okay, that’s do-able.

What’s your focus?

When considering how to decorate a room (particularly your living room, because that’s what visitors will see almost immediately), it’s common to start by thinking about what furniture and accessories you’ll use.  But, first things first.   You need to focus on determining your focal point.  Without a focal point the room will not communicate the positive emotional response you’re seeking.  Without it, nothing much about your room will be noticed, let alone remembered.

The easiest way to create a focal point in a room is to emphasize an existing, strong visual element within the space and build around that. Blog entry 1 Take a look around.  Is there an architectural feature that immediately draws you in, and catches your eye?  For example, a vaulted ceiling, or a brick wall.   What about your fireplace?  Once you’ve determined what that feature is, that will be your room’s focal point.  Now you can begin to play with design.

Focus on bay windows

Enter a room flooded with natural light and what do you notice? – The windows.   A window or group of windows makes a superb focal point.  Not only is the eye drawn to the natural light it provides, but also to the view outside. If you have a skyline, mountain, or ocean view you paid extra for it, you may as well work it!  This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how often furnishings in an environment like this will be arranged so that guests are sitting with their backs to these marvelous outside views.

TBGBlogPic1Bog entry 2Bay windows are an especially wonderful focal point that adds emphasis to any room. With, or without a jaw-dropping view, bay windows tend to add elegance to a room.  Because of their shape or grouping, bay, bow, and corner windows allow for greater visual coverage of the outdoors, which means they also provide extra light, and the added visual illusion of making a room appear much larger.  Adding window treatments make them all the focal-point-gift, that keeps on giving.

Another added benefit to bay windows is that they are remarkably simple to cover and your options are vast.  Virtually any Hunter Douglas window product will work –  honeycomb shades, designer screen shades, modern Roman shades, hardwood, aluminum, or polysatin blinds.  This list goes on.  Your Hunter Douglas dealer is trained in helping you select which product will work best for your windows and reflect your unique style.

Once you’ve determined your focal point and how to add emphasis to it with color, texture, and furniture arrangement, window treatments, etc., you’re well on your way to creating the impactful room you’ve envisioned, and that your guests will not soon forget.