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Planning to decorate your child’s room often feels like more fun than work. And why not? This is the one room in your house you can go completely wild with lively patterns, bright color palettes, and themes ranging from NASCAR to rain forests.  But health and safety are actually the foremost factors when considering a makeover for your child’s room. Luckily, that doesn’t mean you have to forgo adorable.


When shopping for furniture, you may feel it’s cost effective to plan in advance for when your child becomes older.  But for safety reasons the furniture you select for your child’s room should be properly sized for your child’s current size. For example, that delightful work table or desk you found should be at a height that doesn’t force your child to have to continually stretch to work with ease, or the chair so high it tips over because your child has to climb to sit on it.  Also steer clear of collapsible furniture and be mindful of furniture placement.  Keep tables, stools, chairs, etc. far away from windows and shelves. And allow plenty of vacant area as a safe spot for your child to play and enjoy his or her new awesome new space.

Non-Toxic MaterialsChild Safety Blog

Because some carpeting and fabric used in drapery and upholstery can release gasses or fibers into the air that can cause irritation, proper ventilation and filtration should be a consideration for your child’s room. Another option is selecting furniture, fabrics, accessories and even paint made from non-toxic materials.  Hand-painted tables, chairs and shelves can make your accent color really pop. Luckily, there are wide varieties of paint colors manufactured by companies committed to environmentally-friendly products that are zero VOC, zero emissions, and have practically no odor. 

WindowsChild Safety Blog

Natural light helps create lovely ambiance and a positive environment for your child.  Studies have shown that natural light along with bright colors improve learning. Window treatments are a superb choice to control the amount of light and privacy but they can also achieve greater child (and pet) safety if you opt for cordless manual and motorized operating systems, as well as retractable lift cords, cord tensioners and wand controls. These safe and easy to operate fashionable window treatments are available in a wide variety of designs, fabrics and materials so you don’t have to give up lively patterns or colors.  And with their lifetime guarantee they can enhance your children’s rooms until they head off to college.

Non-slip Flooring

Your child’s room isn’t the only room in your room that could use design protection.  In order to keep your entire family healthy and safe turn your attention to the flooring in your bathroom, kitchen, and living room too.  For instance, floor tiles are available in an array of beautiful styles and should also be resistant to fungus or mold. Textured styles for your kitchen and bath are an excellent choice to avoid slipping. Area rugs add color and accent a room to be sure, but should also have non-slip under coatings or be tacked down.  For the safety of your family and guests remove any drastic level changes in flooring throughout the house as they can all result in unforeseen injuries.

Window Treatments to Control Light

The proper window treatments can welcome the early morning sun or soften the bright midday sunlight without sacrificing your privacy and while still protecting your valuable fabrics and carpet from harmful UV rays. As your local Hunter Douglas dealer serving Sacramento, we carry a wide variety of blinds, shades, and shutters especially designed for maximum light management. Let The Blind Guy’s trained consultants help determine the right product for your light and privacy needs. [Read more…]

Deciding Between Blinds, Shades and Shutters

While all window treatments have the same general purpose — to cover your windows and provide light control and privacy — they different types of window treatments do it in different ways. Blinds, shades and shutters are the most popular forms for hard window treatments, and each serve their purpose in unique ways and with varied styles. At The Blind Guy serving the Brentwood area, we’ll help you find the perfect blind, shade, or shutter for your specific needs. [Read more…]

Interior Decorating with Color

Interior Decorating with ColorNothing sets the tone of a room more powerfully than color. While decorating with color is greatly influenced by your personal preference, how you use color is also important. At The Blind Guy serving Sacramento and the East Bay, we love to see customers excited about how their window coverings complement or accentuate the colors in their overall interior design. Here are some interior decorating color ideas from the experts: [Read more…]

Window Treatment Installation

You can pick out the most beautiful window treatments available, but if the measuring and installation isn’t perfect, your investment will be wasted. At The Blind Guy serving Sacramento, we take great pride in our installation services. Our experienced window treatment professionals will professionally measure and install your new window treatments to exceed your expectations.

Your Window Treatments – Fit, Function & Fashion

Fit, function, and fashion — that’s what makes our window treatment selection the best in the Sacramento area. We carry a full line of Hunter Douglas window treatments, a leader in the industry for more than 60 years. [Read more…]

Hunter Douglas Custom Shutters

Shutters Have Style & Functionality

A popular window treatment choice, shutters come in many colors, sizes, and materials including premium hardwood, faux wood, and poly-satin. The functional louvers on interior shutters allow for optimal light filtering and privacy control. High quality shutters also provide an extra layer of insulation to increase energy efficiency in your home.

Watch this video for more information and Hunter Douglas shutters.

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Choose the Best Shutters for Your Home

Shutters are an ever-popular window fashion, standing the test of time with classic style and unparalleled durability. Homeowners, as well as top interior designers, choose shutters them for their functionality, durability, elegance, and style. Indoor shutters can complement any décor, and are available in a variety of textures and colors to create the perfect look in any room. [Read more…]

Benefits of Palm Beach Polysatin (Vinyl) Shutters by Hunter Douglas

Why should you select Palm Beach Polysatin (Vinyl) Shutters by Hunter Douglas?

Construction from a UV resistant polysatin compound, Palm Beach polysatin shutters are guaranteed never to warp. Fade, chip or peel, regardless of extreme heat or moist conditions. Offered in a range of popular whites, they are designs for the ultimate in durability and easy care.

See our Palm Beach Polysatin Shutters and call the Blind Guy, serving the Roseville, Rocklin and Sacramento areas to find out what we can do for you!

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