Deciding Between Blinds, Shades and Shutters

While all window treatments have the same general purpose — to cover your windows and provide light control and privacy — they different types of window treatments do it in different ways. Blinds, shades and shutters are the most popular forms for hard window treatments, and each serve their purpose in unique ways and with varied styles. At The Blind Guy serving the Brentwood area, we’ll help you find the perfect blind, shade, or shutter for your specific needs.Blinds, Shades, Shutters


Blinds are considered a standard in window coverings because of their slat construction. They come in horizontal, vertical and specialty shaped window applications. For the most part, blinds do not block out light completely due to the route holes. An affordable window treatment, blinds come in aluminum, vinyl, wood, faux wood, and fabric in hundreds of colors, styles and options to complement any room or décor style.


Shades have become more and more popular over the years. They offer fashionable design, energy efficiency, sun protection, room-darkening features, and privacy. Available in horizontal, vertical and specialty shaped window applications, shades offer a clean soft look to fit anyone’s budget. Shade fabrics range from man-made materials to natural sustainable materials like bamboo and are available in the widest selection of colors, styles, textures, and options.


Shutters are in a bit of category of their own. With louvers that can be adjusted for light and privacy, many shutters can also be completely opened for an unobstructed view. As a timeless and work well with any décor style. Considered like a piece of furniture, shutters are the most expensive of the three window treatment types. Available in hardwood, faux wood, vinyl and in an array of colors, textures and slat options, they provide the ultimate in privacy.

Lifting Systems and Motorization

Lifting systems also set different window covering apart from each other. From state-of-the-art motorized options to innovative manual options, even the largest window fashions can be easily operated for greater convenience.  Regardless of what type of window treatment you choose, there is a motorization option for virtually every type of window treatment. Motorization systems allow you to lift, raise, lower, or adjust slats, vanes and louvers anywhere in the room. Available in hard-wired with wall switch or remote or battery powered with remote, we have a motorization option that will work for you.

Window Coverings in Brentwood

The Blind Guy is proud to be the Brentwood area’s premier source for custom window coverings.  Contact us today to schedule your window treatment consultation.