Feeling Shady?


Design Tips on Lamp Shades

for Your Every Need

Feeling ShadyNatural light comes from skylights, sliding glass doors, and standard windows. It can fill your home wonderfully but lights from lamps provide us with purposeful and directional lighting that meet our functional needs. Selecting the proper lamp is one thing, but a proper lamp shade can help you get exactly what you’re looking for!

If your goal is to:


Ambient (also known as general lighting) is crucial to assure that basically everyone can see where they’re going in your home as it provides overall illumination. Because this light should be comfortable (not too bright or produce glare), you’ll want to choose a light-colored lamp shade (for example off-white, or cream color), and something that’s translucent, to allow maximum light output and soft diffusion.

Feeling ShadyIf you have a room that already has plenty of natural light (for example, from a sliding glass door) and all you need is additional layering of light, have some fun with darker-colored shades. Torchiere shades that direct the light up towards the ceiling are also a good choice for general lighting and will provide some decorative flair.


Task lighting is what you’ll need to perform specific tasks, such as reading, sewing, working on hobbies, etc. Task lighting should be bright in order to prevent eye strain, and free of any sort of distraction (i.e. Feeling Shadyshadows and glare). Therefore, a good option for task lamp shades are wide shades, shades that flare on the bottom, and shades that are more transparent allowing for more light.


If your goal is to add drama to a room by creating visual interest, you’ll want to consider accent lighting. Here are a few reasons why.

Feeling Shady• Accent lights draw the eye to specific things and areas you want to highlight (I.e. window treatments, paintings, and sculptures).

• Accent lights beautifully highlight the texture and architectural elements in a space that may be lost if not well-lit (i.e. a brick or stone wall). Because accent lighting requires at least three times as much light on the focal point as the general lighting surrounding it does, make sure you don’t use a shade that blocks the output of the light. Contact us at To set up an appointment for your window coverings and/or design needs http://www.blindguy.net/